Mary Curtis Taylor Takes Home the Gold from Greater Conroe Arts Alliance

Mary Curtis Taylor received the 2016 Visionary Award from the Greater Conroe Arts Alliance, which recognized her for her ongoing efforts to promote the symphony in the area.

Mary Curtis Taylor had no idea what was in store when she agreed to go with her friends to the Montie Awards held at the Crighton Theatre on Saturday, Aug. 13.

The annual event celebrates the pursuit of excellence in the arts, with one extra-special arts advocate selected each year to take home the Visionary Award, the highest honor bestowed by the Greater Conroe Arts Alliance.

Welcome To The Greater Conroe Arts Alliance

The Greater Conroe Arts Alliance is a collaborative nonprofit organization whose mission is to actively promote and support the arts and cultural organizations throughout the Greater Conroe area.
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Greater Conroe Arts Alliance presents Visionary, Pursuit of Excellence Awards

Ann Lee, artistic director of the Montgomery County Choral Society was honored with the 2015 Greater Conroe Arts Alliance’s Visionary Montie Award.

The Greater Conroe Arts Alliance presented its Visionary Award and Pursuit of Excellence Awards at the fourth annual Montie Awards on Aug. 15 at the Crighton Theatre.

The Montie Awards ceremony honors actors, directors and technical staff of both The Players Theatre Company and Stage Right. At the event, the Arts Alliance also honors those advocates who have enriched the community by providing their time and talents to promote the arts.